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Meet ProtectPro - Install Confidently

Made from superior Japanese Asahi glass that is scratch resistant and 2X shatterproof protecting your screen from scratches to high impact drops.

Comes with an auto-alignment installation kit aiding in positioning for a bubble-free installation of your screen protector. 

At only 0.33 mm thick, 94% of light is able to penetrate the screen protector—maintaining the original touch and viewing experience.

What do I do if the edge of the screen protector fails to adhere properly to the phone? 

"1. Using the microfiber cloth, apply pressure to the edge. 2. If one edge is adhering better than the other, try applying pressure to that edge first, before applying pressure to the looser edge. For a better installation, you can find an instructional video below or on our Youtube. 

How do I install the screen protector directly?

For a better installation, you can find an instructional video below or on our Youtube or refer to instruction given at the back of packaging.

How can I remove bubbles trapped beneath the screen?

"1. Before installation wipe the screen clean with wet wipes and use dust stickers to remove dust particles. 2. When the screen protector makes contact with the screen, apply pressure from the top to the bottom of the screen in a ""line."" Then press out to each side from the bottom middle.

How do I ensure a successful installation without bubbles and trapped dust?

For best results, clean the frame and screen with the provided alcohol wipe before alignment. Make sure to apply the screen protector in a clean, dust-free environment.

What will cause tempered glass to break or shatter?

Can the screen protector protect my iPhone if it is dropped? Tempered glass has been reinforced for superior durability. Compared to ordinary glass of the same thickness, it can withstand 3 to 5 times the external impact force. If the external force exceeds the screen protector’s force-bearing capacity or is impacted at particular angles it will break, but will still protect the screen. 

Will this screen protector affect touch screen sensitivity or the 3D Touch function?

This screen protector's thinness (0.33mm) allows for the full use of 3D Touch and all other touch-screen functions as normal.

Will this screen protector show fingerprints?

The oleophobic coating will ensure that fingerprints don't stick and can be wiped away easily. We recommend using a microfiber cloth for quick and easy cleaning.

Why is this screen protector smaller than my iPhone's screen?

The screen protector is designed to be slightly smaller than the iPhone screen's surface to prevent bubbles and peeling at the edges. This design also ensures that the screen protector can be used in combination with a wide range of phone cases.

Installation Guide - Tutorial



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