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Brand Story

Ausmo was born out of a passion for exclusive products that make a difference. We are an American brand that represents authenticity, reliability, and endurance. Manufactured with precision and emphasis on attention to detail, the products are a result of commitment to innovation that complements the personality of the customer. The wide range of accessories are durable and combine the best of technology and aesthetic design-value. Ideal for all age groups, the cables, power banks, chargers and speakers focus extensively on ease of use. Through our products, we strive to define innovation for the next generation and make life simpler.

We are committed to maintain high-standards of excellence, with unblemished consistency. Sourcing premium materials, our quality check comprises a multi-stage process that leaves little room for error. Evolving with changing trends, and driven by the objective of creating a unique, coherent experience for the user, team-Ausmo is expanding its presence across Europe, South America, and Asia.